- Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Airbrush Artist, Photographer, Event Organizer, Actor, Voice Actor, Artist, Welder
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DeAngelo Ellis was born in Houston Texas on November 19, 1985. DeAngelo started his journey on becoming a skilled and multi-faceted entrepreneur and his talents extended to various trades. At the age of 7 he developed his entrepreneurial skills through selling candy in his local neighborhood and two years later he realized his gift and talent for art. At the age of 16, only after three weeks of welding experience, he won first place and special prize the golden gloves in a welding competition. Three years later expanding his talent into airbrush art were he was commissioned to create his first shirt. Through airbrushing various clothing articles, his talent for fashion design emerged.

Photography and entertainment soon followed, DeAngelo was featured in the film “The American Dream” starring Mike Jones. Since then he has continued on the path of making all his dreams come true ever since. At the age of 22 he started organizing events and tournaments that later went deeper into acting and entertainment as a Voice over artist. DeAngelo continues to engage and explore new talents, all while giving his best to each one he has. The amazing and irreplaceable quality of DeAngelo’s work has gained him notoriety by several media outlets.

Known as the “Airbrush King” DeAngelo’s work and creativity has caused him to collaborate with celebrities and top executives in several different industries. His original style that has been famously adapted as a signature approach for exclusive projects have become a phenomenon in street culture, as well as commercial artistry. DeAngelo’s heart for success and positivity pours out into his work and his dedication to quality always leads to satisfaction for each client. With almost a decade of experience in airbrush design, and the same in trades like fashion design, photography, welding, acting, and event organization DeAngelo is one of the most seasoned professionals. He utilizes all his gifts and has conquered various trades in the process.

Truly an Ace, DeAngelo Ellis has proved that he is more than capable for great accomplishments with projects and people with only more greatness to be achieved. DeAngelo uses his different talents as more than just a hobby or pastime. His goal is to be successful at each project he does, giving his heart, soul, and time to each and every job he performs. Through his dedication to expressing his talent to the world, DeAngelo has continued to grow better and accept nothing but the best for his self and the clients he serves. Negating the option of failure, DeAngelo has extended his skill set greatly and continues to showcase his talent to the world. Through various projects and functions he has developed a solid wealth of experience that works to the benefit of any client he collaborates with.

DeAngelo’s work has been described as “Captivating” and “Genius”. The self-taught, self-made entrepreneur and artist, inspires many with the execution of his talent and faith. He is a premiere example that anything a person puts their mind to, and effort toward, they can achieve successfully. DeAngelo Ellis has created more than a name for himself; He has created a definite brand one that caters to raw talent, sheer quality, and the notion that any and all things are possible. When others see impossibility, He sees opportunity. The motto is directly shown in his work and by his continued ability to create something from nothing. He encompasses the heart of a true artist and the soul of an entrepreneur.

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